History - Practising - Benefits

People can wonder themselves what the benefits of capoeira are, next to it beeing a fun thing to do. Below are a number of benefits that capoeira brings along.:

  Training capoeira improves your stamina.

  Capoeira makes your body stronger and more flexible and it's a way of training msucles who are not always trained in other sports or workouts.

  Capoeira improves the body motoristics and allows people with time to copy and adapt to movements with more ease.

  Capoeira improves your coördinationcapacity distance estimation and speedestimation of attacks because capoeira strives to apply a vast range of attacks and strives to avoid attacks in stead of blocking them.


  Capoeira improves your sense of rhythm and is also an introduction to Latin-American percussion.

  Capoeira is a way to get to know the Portuguese language and Brazilian culture because capoeira is accompanied by people who sing in portugese and the contens consists of daily things that happen or have happend in Brazil.

  Capoeira gives a martial arts insight, depending on how people practise it. Especially seeing kicks comming before hand and takedowns on kicks are trained a lot.


  Capoeira improves collaboration amongst people because while two people practise in a circle, the rest makes music and sings for those playing. The music asks for collaboration a lot because it is done in the way of call and response.

  Capoeira is an artform that binds people of all sorts of cultures and ages through cooperation towards one common goal: increasing ones level of capoeira.

  Capoeira is also therapy in a way because it is not soley a martial art and not soley a dance. Central within capoeira is adapting without losing your own identity. This means that you reckon with the other person you are playing with. The game of capoeira reflects your personality while doing so.
If you get swept off your feet during the game, you can wonder what lead to this take down and where your strategy failed.
The same occurs in everyday life if somebody is too impulsive or takes too much independent initiative and meets the consequences of his or her own actions.