Instrutor Rouxinol

Instrutor Rouxinol & Mestre Araminho - Photo Lobo Branco

The Beginning

Jeroen Verheul aka Instrutor Rouxinol, was born 28-04-1983 in Rotterdam. At a young age he developed great interest in martial arts. His wish always was to practise an eastern martial-art. He was allowed by his parents to practise judo when he was seven and practised this for a few years, but he didn't really could get in to this art and so he quitted. During this time he also practised rescue swimming, what he would practise for over six years. A time passed during which he mainly streched his legs, watched videos and read books about everything he could get his hands on about martial arts. His parents did not encourage the idea of a martial art thinking their son would grow up to be a violent person practising one. Most people practising any martial arts will acknowledge that martial arts usually establish the opposite. But this still lead to the fact that he could not practise any martial art because of this.
In the summer of 1997 Jeroen saw a capoeira performance near his house. Eventhough noboy was fully kicked, he recognised the potential of the different kicks and got interested and asked for information. He recieved a card of the person that would later become his teacher: Araminho. Next it took a few months but Jeroen was able to stimulate his parents into visiting a capoeira lesson.
It was a relaxed lesson and fun to watch. He told his parents that people don't touch eachother playing capoeira (which is not the case actually) and got their permission to train. And so Jeroen started in january 1998 with capoeira. Later when his parents found out that there was contact within capoeira, they let him continue because he was already a bit older and they had not seen anything bad happen.

(Spring 1998 - Rouxinol: third person from the right holding two maculelê sticks(grimas))


The Batizado

A few months after starting capoeira Jeroen did his batizado, an event organised by many capoeira groups where beginners receive their first graduation. At he time he belonged to A.B.A.D.A. capoeira, just like his teacher Araminho who had purple cord and the title of instrutor within that group. As special guest Professor Tucano Preto came who was the world champion of A.B.A.D.A. capoeira at that time. During the batizado Jeroen played with Nó, a teacher who had then recently affiliated himself with A.B.A.D.A. capoeira and gave lessons in France. After this he received his first graduation, a raw-white/yellow cord. This event impressed Jeroen alot and he decided that from than on he would let capoeira play a way bigger role in his life.

(Group picture Batizado 1998)

The name Rouxinol

As Jeroen started liking capoeira more and more he tried to get to know as much as possible about it, but little was available. Three books to be exact and on the internet there wasn't a lot of information yet in 1998. His parents concerned about his studies didn't let Jeroen train many times a week. And so because Jeroen still wanted to spend a lot of time on capoeira, he decided to learn what he could find. He asked a lot to his teacher and asked if he could borrow some music (on cassette tape!) and have some song lyrics. After half a year of training Jeroen started to learn a lot of songs, learning several entire capoeira cds. He bought a berimbau from his teacher during the summer and in august of 1998, he started singing within the capoeira circle, learning a lot along the way. During his first batizado, he hadn't received an apelido (nickname) yet, something many people receive within capoeira during time. In spring 1999 at the house of Araminho, his teacher, he had a discussion about a nickname together with Neguinho and Caroço. There he got the apelido Rouxinol (nightingale), because of his interest in the musical aspects of capoeira in comparison to others.
His first capoeira song he wrote in november 1998 with his still very limited knowledge of the portuguese language he was learning along the way. It would mark the beginning of many songs and a quest for getting more profound in al the aspects of the world of capoeira.

(Music workshop Instrutor Rouxinol - 2007)

Graduations Rouxinol

1998 -
1999 -
2000 -
2001 -
2003 -
2006 -

2009 -

Raw White – Yellow
Blue– Green
Green - Purple

(Batizado 1999 - Rouxinol, next to Mestre Camisa and Instrutor Araminho)

Further Development

After having trained for two years in Rotterdam, Rouxinol started visiting other groups, their workshops and events. He also began participating in shows of his group.
In 2002, having the graduation blue cord (graduado), he went to Brasil for the first time to train and study there for two months. He got back filled with inspiration. His teacher left Holland for a year a few months later. In his abscense Rouxinol gave lessons together with Instrutor Beto, providing in a first experience of teaching for a longer period of time.
In 2004 he started giving lessons for children and in 2005 he started capoeira lessons in the sportsbuilding of the Erasmus University, where he has been teaching since.
In 2006, 2007 and 2009 Rouxinol visited Brasil again, this time not only training, but also interviewing several old masters and gathering more material while beeing there.
Next to teaching within his group he sometimes teaches lessons or gives music workshops and lectures on events or workshops of other groups in The Netherlands or abroad.
Part of the time he spends with capoeira is training and teaching , another part consists of writing songs, articles (for Agogô magazine for example), books and gathering information for a capoeira encyclopedia on capoera masters that passed away. This last project started in 2002 and still isn't finished due to the many things Rouxinol would still like to include in this book before publishing it. Three other books however he already wrote about the musicality of capoeira. (Two in Dutch, of which one translated in Russian and one in Portuguese.)
Rouxinol's wish is to create an institute of Afro-brazilian knowledge, specializing in capoeira, which will be able to serve all capoeira groups in the world, due to it's huge amount of material, containing information about many capoeira styles and parts of their history. For this he has been gathering material since 1999, when he recorded his first short interview.

(Instrutor Rouxinol in 2006 together with many capoeira masters in Salvador, Bahia)

Some words about capoeira

Translation comming soon!


( Graduado Amoleto (cartwheel) & Instrutor Rouxinol (cartwheel without hands) - New Years Roda 2008)